In 2001 we founded ILVI-PAC SRL. Our main business activity at that time was the import of disposable plastic tableware from Poland, and later from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Hungary and China. However, in 2002, we began manufacturing our own products - BOPS transparent plastic packaging for foodstuffs.

Today we are both a production and distribution company leveraging on:

- our qualified personnel

- equipment for the formation of products made from polystyrene and polypropylene

- extrusion line for film production

- tool room for forms manufacturing 


We are producing:

- Disposable transparent packaging: dishes for cakes and rolls, salad bowls, correxes, plates, substrates, packaging for fruits and vegetables, individual packaging.

- Disposable tableware: plates, trays.

- Hard polymeric films (PP, PS) for bakeries, dairy and meat factories, private firms.

- Vacuum bags of different sizes and thicknesses of high barrier films PA/PE produced in Europe.

- Polyethylene films for group packaging of products.


We are selling:

- Aprons, gloves, thermocontractable film for bakery products, stretch film for culinary products, nettings for vegetables and fruits, white and colored trays for meat products - everything for a comprehensive store servicing.


Our other direction - packaging for industrial products, goods transportation and warehousing:

- Polypropylene packaging band, stretching and fastening devices for strapping with polypropylene bands.

- Adhesive tape, packing adhesive tape device.

- Stretch film for pallets.