Technical stretch film

Technical stretch film

High quality stretch films for manual and automatic palletizing of different thicknesses

Technical stretch film is used to protect the products from dust and dirt, as well as for binding goods on pallets during storage and during transportation. It is characterized by a high degree of transparency.

In dependence on the application of the equipment pallet stretch film is divided into manual and automatic. Manual stretch film is used for packing goods manually, preferably using devices for manual strapping (dispensers). Automatic stretch film is used for packaging of goods using packing machines – palletizers, equipped with various systems of film stretching.

Having our own production facilities, the company ILVI-PAC SRL can offer You the widest range of packaging films for manual and automatic use. 

Стрейч пленка ручная

Stretch film for manual palletizing

The film for transport packaging. Allows packing cargo by hand, without additional equipment. It is often used for packaging small quantities of products, repackaging and forming assortment of goods, including also forming in a large scale.
Стрейч пленка машинная

Stretch film for automatic palletizing

Is recommended for use on different types of palletizers, with and without prestretch mechanism. The level of preliminary stretching – up to 250%. It has excellent, balanced indexes of stickiness and durability.


Technical characteristics


Method of using



Thickness, mkm

15,17; 20; 23

17; 20; 23

Width, mm



Length on roll, m

on request

on request

Extension, %





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