Thermocontractable polyethylene production

Monday, 04 November 2013

The company ILVI-PAC SRL launched the production on its own equipment of high-quality thermocontractable polyethylene from European primary high-pressure polyethylene. We produce thermocontraction of the following formats - sleeves with and without folding, half-sleeves and canvases of given sizes. The release form is determined based on the specific future use of the thermocontractable film.

Thermocontractable polyethylene canvas can be used as for both group and individual product packaging of food and industrial production. Such kind of packaging promotes optimal use of transportation and storage facilities, as well as to protect the goods from:

  • Mechanical damages;
  • Humidity;
  • Dirt;
  • Unauthorized opening.

Production capabilities of company ILVI-PAC SRL allow producing the films of different sizes. We offer products of a thickness from 40 to 200 microns and width from 100 to 1300 mm in the form of canvas, half-sleeve and sleeve. In the production of thermocontractable canvas we use sliding, light stabilizing and anti-static additives.

Minimal volume of the order is 500 kg.

Terms of order delivery are 5-7 days.