Thermoforming films


During the packaging process on automatic lines there are used roll materials, which can be divided into two main types:

 1. Top (coating) film (thickness from 45 to 90 mkm)

 Superior film destination:

  • packaged products protection from the external environment
  • keeping of attractive appearance of the product
  • shelf life increasing

 Superior film is often used for printing. It gives a unique personality to Your product and makes it stand out from the mass of the goods offered by Your competitors.

 2. Bottom (thermoforming) film (thickness from 100 to 230 mkm)

 This film is used to form a predetermined cell shape, in which is inserted the product. Selecting the inferior vacuum film should first consider the formed cell depth.

 Basic parameters of the inferior thermoforming film:

  • thickness (from 120 to 300 mkm)
  • number of layers and materials (these parameters depends on customer’s regards and from the vacuum film functional destination)
  • width (depends on technical characteristics of the customer’s equipment)

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