Vacuum bags

    Production and distribution company ILVI-PAC SRL offers to Your attention vacuum bags, made on our own equipment from high-quality European materials. Possible packet length: 200mm, 220mm, 240 mm, 260 mm, 300 mm, 360 mm, 400 mm, 440 mm, 480 mm and 520 mm. Packet width – any width, in 10 mm increments. Package thickness - 70mkm, 80mkm.

   Packets are made from a film PA/PE – coextrusion of undirected polyamide and polyethylene of high pressure - the most common material for the manufacture of vacuum packets. The total thickness of the PA polyamide usually is 15-20mkm. But as thicker is the polyamide layer, so as the higher are the barrier properties of the vacuum packet or vacuum film. The thickness of polyethylene PE - depends on the customer's requirements – as higher is the % PE, so as denser is the packet. Usually are used 65, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120 micron packets. Packets with 5 layers



Additional description:


Three-seam vacuum bags

Main properties of the vacuum bags:

  • increase the storage times of products
  • do not allow the oxidation of the product
  • protect against harmful bacteria and microflora
  • ensure keeping of color and flavor of the goods
  • give attractive salable condition
  • protect the product from mechanical damage at all stages of logistics (packaging, transportation, storage)
  • provide a low vapor permeability (for product protection from drying out, losing weight, moisture absorption from the outside)
  • keep initial flavor of the product and is a barrier against penetration of foreign odors.


Sphere of vacuum packets using:

  • All kinds of meat products
  • poultry (whole, cutted)
  • fish
  • cheeses
  • groceries (bread, chips, nuts, etc.)
  • NON food (components, microchips, etc.) 
  • Important parameters and characteristics of the vacuum packets:
  • material, used for packet manufacturing
  • micronicy (packet thickness)
  • size (vacuum packet length and width)

To process Your order we need to know two parameters:

  • name and the thermal state of the product (for example, frozen fish, pine nuts, etc.)
  • Your product size
  • product shelf life


For more information please contact our department of consumables sale on the following numbers 022 26-02-05, 079410417. Our experts will answer all Your questions and will help You to determine the necessary film parameters for packaging Your products.