Packaging materials for stores

Netting (extrusion and knitted) for vegetables and fruits
Vegetable netting - is an extraordinary packaging material, that is needed for packing fruit, vegetables and a variety of non-food goods - toys, seedlings, any product weighing up to 3 kg. Netting is made of high density polyethylene in the form of a sleeve with rhombic cells of 0.7 cm and the netting tissue thickness of 0.7 mm. In the stretched state vegetable netting width is 30-35 cm, and 3-4 cm in calm state. Vegetable netting is convolved in a roll with length 2000 m. Vegetable netting is one of the most environmentally clean forms of packaging. Possible colors: red, yellow, lemon, green, orange

Disposable gloves (polyethylene) - sizes: S, M, L. Thin, durable, soft, hypoallergenic, resistant to chemical agents. Remedies, which close the hand from the wrist to the end of fingers. Disposable plastic gloves – are used in industry and households for hygiene standards. Disposable gloves are universal remedy for the skin from the harmful effects and pollution


Disposable gloves (latex) - made from high quality thin latex. Due to the material provide maximum adhesion to the hands skin, keeping the tactile sensations. Provide greater contact. Multifunctional use (repair, planting, cleaning, hair coloring, medical services).


Disposable oversleeve is used to protect Your hands, clothing of general station for medical, industrial purposes and in the food industry.

Grill packet size 350 x 260 mm. Packet is made from a polypropylene film coated with aluminum. This type of packaging provides heat preservation for 24 hours and fully protects the product from exposure to sunlight.

Disposable apron made from polyethylene of 20 microns. It is used for protection against water, industrial pollution and nontoxic liquid splashes.


  Device for sealing polyethylene packets - sealing machines (seal-up) are designed for sealing packets and sacks made from polyethylene, polypropylene films and laminated paper packaging products in the manufacture of various products and of heat sealable materials.



Devices for packets tying – the device serves for gluing packet neck with colored adhesive tape widths up to 9-12 mm. Practical, fast and aesthetically!