Thermocontractable PVC films


 The proposed material is one of the newest generations of polyvinylchloride contractible films. Special feature of this film is the absence of any part of chemical irritants, and therefore corrosive vapors. Working with it is absolutely safe for health. This film is suitable for manual and automatic mechanisms for foodstuffs packaging and products for various purposes.

  • Bakery products,
  • Group packaging of small products,
  • Printed products, etc.

Special characteristics:

  • Excellent quality of transparency and glossy of the thermocontractable film
  • Increased contraction at low temperatures
  • Increased resistance to tearing
  • Great product presentation
  • Efficiency and profitability.

Half-sleeve width, mm

Film thickness, mkm

Roll length, m

150, 200, 250, 300

12 - 12.5 - 15


350, 400, 450, 500

15 - 18