Packaging equipment for foodstuffs


Packaging equipment for utilization in stores, supermarkets and production workshops


Hot table NW-460 - unwinder for stretch, wrapping device, is intended for manual packaging of foodstuffs in trade and production into stretch film.
Produced by the company "HANA Corporation LTD", Korea.

Hot table consists from:

  • stainless steel bodies, having two horizontal surfaces - packaging (on which the article is wrapped into the film), and heated with a teflon coating (on which is sealed the lower portion of the package)
  • thermal knife with teflon coating constant heating for films cutting
  • regulator with continuously variable temperature control of the heating table
  • unwinder of stretch film

A hot surface is heated by means of automatics and maintains a predetermined temperature. Packaged articles are wrapped on the wrapping surface into the stretch film, which are cutting by the electric knife and are sealed on a hot surface, tightly fitting close the product.

Electric packets sealing XP – is manual table sealer of polymer film. Sealer is intended for sealing packets and sacks (formation of a seam) from the various films - polyethylene, polypropylene films, and also laminated paper during the manufacture of various products from heat-sealable materials for goods packaging. With the help of sealing machine the film is quickly formed into a packet, and after it is filling, it is performed packet sealing with a neat and durable seam.




 TEKOPACK T-5540 Packaging machine into the thermocontractable film


The device is used for individual and group product packaging in thermocontractable film PVC or POF in half-sleeve form. Per packing cycle is carried out at the same time welding and cutting of the film, followed by a contraction in chamber.

In most cases, these machines are used for packaging:

  • foodstuffs;
  • print products;
  • stationary;
  • tapes audio and video and etc.





Vacuum packaging equipment, equipment for packing in modified atmosphere and equipment for sealing trays


Company ILVI-PAC SRL represents on the Moldovan market the products of the Italian manufacturer VALKO SRL.

Company Valko Srl (Italy) has over ten years experience in manufacturing vacuum packaging equipment for foodstuffs packaging. Production experience, accumulated by the company during this period, is the guarantee of high quality, advanced technology, reliability and durability of manufactured equipment. Valko Srl produces two model series of vacuum packaging machines: model range Favola and model range VC, vacuum packaging machines for packing in trays in modified atmosphere (MAP), the equipment on sealing trays.
Company Valko Srl produces vacuum packaging bodies of machine only from stainless steel, abandoning the use of food aluminum, which can not be used for operation in harsh environments.
  Valko Srl occupies a leading position on the equipment sale in Europe, supplying their own equipment to such countries as Germany, France, Poland, Greece, etc. The main reasons for the success of the company Valko Srl are high-quality equipment, the availability of vast model range of machines, the widespread use of components and aggregates of the best European manufacturers, the optimal ratio of price and quality parameters.

In the attached catalog, You will find a full range of products Valko SRL. Prices are quoted in euros, which include delivery and customs clearance in Chisinau.

Download catalog Valko

Packaging equipment for industrial products

Machines for the binding with polypropylene bands (strapping machines)


Strapping machines – there are cheap, simple, reliable operation and high-performance machines. Also, one of the advantages of these machines is sealless band binding, which saves on fastening articles. Band connection occurs by adjustable welding temperature, for which in machine design are providing electric heating elements. Besides the welding band temperature also in machines is regulated band tension power and the length of its output. They do not need highly skilled personnel; do not need retuning in changing the forms and sizes of the packaged article, easy to integrate into production lines. Packaging corresponds with European standards.

Semiautomatic machines





Operating principles:

  • band is ejected on a predetermined length;
  • packaged article is installed on the table;
  • operator manually enclose packed article with the free end of the band and inserts it into the receiving hole in the table; 
  • is triggered automatic device of band tensioning, welding and cutting.



 Automatic machines

- are high-performance machines, designed, mainly, for large-scale productions. Automatic tables can be easily integrated into existing production lines and automate the entire process of packing.

Binding machine TP-6000 – is automatic strapping machine. It is designed for automated packing of goods with polypropylene band.

Binding machine TP-6000 – is automatic strapping machine. It is designed for automated packing of goods with polypropylene band.


Operating principles:


In the initial state, the band is in the arch of the packaging (box) of the machine. Packed article is installed on the table. Strapping process starts or by the operator (using the control panel button or foot pedal), or by using the article detection sensor on the table ("photo-eye"). Strapping using the sensor is particularly effective in case of packaging a large number of small articles.


After triggering the sensor or pressing the buttons by the operator, the machine performs strapping, welding and cutting of the band in automatic cycle.


Machine TR-6000 has a mechanical external control over the band tension. Tension can be easily adjusted using a circular handle.


Possible box sizes: 600*850, 600*1450, 1000*1050 mm





Pallet packers (palletizers)


Pallet packer, palletizer, pallet wrapper, pallet packaging machine – are equipment for binding the goods with stretch film on pallets to secure fit the cargo. Using the pallet packers for packaging with stretch film can significantly increase the productivity of packaging operations, provides economy of consumables, and provides the ability of strict products accounting


TEKOPACK WR-502 Pallet wrapper semiautomatic machine


The machine complies with European standards for safety and performance. It is Ideal for use in all industries.

Technical characteristics:

  • Possibility to work in manual mode 
  • Possibility to work in automatic mode:
  • Automatic determination of the pallet height ("photo-eye")
  • Soft start/stop rotation of the platform in the initial/final stage of winding
  • Regulation of the platform rotational speed from 1-10 rpm and stopping at a predetermined position (positioning).
  • Film tension is realized by a carriage with adjustable mechanical brake
  • Maximal pallet weight – 2000 kg
  • Maximal pallet height – 2100 mm
  • Rotating platform diameter – 1500 mm
  • Rotating platform height – 80 mm
  • Installed capacity of the platform engine – 0,7 kW
  • Installed capacity of the carriage engine – 0,18 kW
  • Overall dimensions (mm): 1510 х 2500 х 2600
  • Supply voltage – 220 В/ 50 Hz
  • Stretch film dimensions:
  • Maximal roll width 500 mm
  • Maximal roll diameter 300 mm


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